why is my mains wired smoke alarm making a beeping noise once in a while and how can i stop it?

It obviously isnt the battery cos it dont have one.

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You Need to change the Battery's

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Dirty sensor - try hoovering it

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You Need to change the Battery's

Written by Martha Y

could indicate a fauly,maybe worth replacing

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change your batteries in them. they are telling you that they are low.

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I think it has something to do with how it is set up maybe. Call your alarm security co and ask them.

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maybe since it dont have one that might be the issue. My smoke alarms are main wired and they have batteries also. and when batteries are dead/missing it beeps.

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My smoke alarms are wired, but they also have a battery which needs replacing annually. When they are starting to get low, they give out a bleeping noise.

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While you smoke alarm may be wired into your house, it may also have a battery back up for power outages. Most have a battery built it but yours may not. Just something to check

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It could be a loose wire. Did you try hitting the reset button at the top? Open up the unit and make sure that the wires are tight. I know that this was happening with my folks smoke alarm. I disconnected it and removed the cover, then replaced it. It was fine until a day or two later when it started to beep again. Wound up replacing the unit at Home Depot.

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It should have a backup battery that is out. If not, it is probably linked with the other smoke alarms in the house which is out of battery.

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Have it checked by a qualified electrician or try and reduce the amount of smoke, steam etc in your house.

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Some smoke detectors now on the market come with a 10-year battery. These detectors are designed to be replaced as a whole unit, thus avoiding the need for battery replacement. Also smoke detectors operated from the household electrical power do not need replacement. These types all have a "power on" light to tell you that the detector has power. However, if there were a power failure due to the weather, then the smoke detector would not have power in case there is a fire. Smoke detectors are available that run on house power but also have a battery back-up. Since the battery is not normally in use, such back-up batteries will last about 6 years before they need replacing. They will begin to "chirp" to let you know it is time to be replaced.

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mains wired alarms have to have batteries, in case theres a power cut, they might need changing.

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Smash it with a hammer.

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Possible fault conditions
backup battery needs replacing (most common)
Mains failure and battery is warning you (least common)
Sensor clogged with crunge

Check battery first then check for dust

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there is a back up battery in your smoke detector, this is so if the power goes out you still have smoke detectors, it should beep once every 60 seconds to indicate that the battery is low or dead. you need to replace the 9 volt battery.

Written by Neil B

it is dust blocking it up and thats why it beeps. so take the hoover and give it a wee suck

Written by Eamonn K